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Looking back at 2009

Over the past couple weeks I have been digging through the archives to pull images for this year’s slide show. The slideshow represents all the assignments I shot in 2009 as well as follows the growth of our 20 month old daughter Grace.

It’s great to reflect on what worked and what didn’t and it has planted a few seeds for new business plans for 2010. The slide show is laid out chronologically so if the newborn shot next to the architecture shot next to the model seems out of place, now you know why.

Enjoy the show. Hopefully you will see some new images as well as think back to our photo shoot together. Maybe you’ll even see some images that will inspire another shoot for 2010. Thanks for your support and referrals, they keep my business alive.

The song is 28 butts by Little Jackie. I was introduced to Little Jackie by our local friend Jason Bently at KCRW. Enjoy and thanks for a great year.

If you missed last years check out the following from 2008:

Chuck Espinoza Photography – A Slideshow of 2008 Photography from Chuck Espinoza on Vimeo.


New Construction Modern Home in Mar Vista

Last week I shot three homes, the Beach Avenue modern home in Venice Beach seen in the previous post, another property in Santa Monica’s sunset Park neighborhood and a new construction modern home in Mar Vista. The Mar Vista home was professionally staged to offer potential buyers a glimpse of how the house could look when decorated. Sometimes walking into a big empty room can be overwhelming to potential home buyers because it’s hard to get a sense of size and imagine what it would look like if you moved in.

Many of my real estate clients professionally stage homes because it increases the curb appeal and it helps to remove the emotional attachment people have for their belongings and decor. If a professional comes in with a job to improve the overall appearance of the house there is no judgment of the homeowner’s taste or cleanliness; everyone has the same goal, to sell the home.

Not all homes need to be professionally staged but I wanted to share my experience as a photographer and point out easy and inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home for the sake of photography and prospective buyers.
1. Clean the house. This may seem simple yet I’ve been in to shoot homes where both the agent and I were mortified and how dirty the house is.
2. Remove the clutter. That stack of bills on the coffee table? The stack of newspapers you have been meaning to recycle? All those cute magnets on the fridge? Put it away, toss it or hide it.
3. Mow the lawn. Another no brainer yet some people forget that an unkempt yard doesn’t read well in photographs or in person.
4. Thin it out. A simple rule of thumb is to remove a third of your furnishings and artwork. You may love the velvet Elvis Presley blacklight poster over your bed but others may not share your opinion. Same goes for family photos and that recliner you inherited but have been meaning to get reupholstered.
5. If you can’t clean it hide it. I run into this case a lot with kid’s rooms. Prepping to sell your house can be stressful enough without having to tell your kid that you’ve got to box up and take away most of his toys. In that case, try to clean, try to hide and if all else fails just be honest that the room won’t photograph well.

People are emotionally invested in their homes and belongings but the reality is that selling a home is a business transaction. Take the emotionality out of it and prepare your home for sale as any good salesperson would prepare their best product. If you can’t do it yourself; hire a professional.


Modern Home in Venice Beach

It’s been a busy week. In addition to taking a trip down to Temecula with Robin I shot two new properties for Deasy Penner.

The first house is located at 2345 Beach Ave in Venice. Sometimes modern architecture can come across as cold; this house is warm, open and inviting.

This is the second time I have been brought in to re-shoot a house that had already been photographed by a previous “photographer”.

When looking to invest almost two million dollars in a home would you be drawn to visit the leaning tower of Venice (as seen here in the image shot by the previous photographer)?

(Shot by previous photographer)

Or would the following images lead you to believe that this home is not only stylish and beautiful but it has great character and craftsmanship and therefore worth taking the time to see for yourself?


Finding New Clients

You never know who’s going to see your work or how it’s going to lead to something else.

I got a call from a friend whose real estate agent saw a photo I had shot of their home and wanted to it use in the marketing of their home. In 2006 the Knight’s commissioned me to shoot several of the most important places in their life. I shot their first home, their current home, the hospital where their boys were born, the location of their first date, and a couple other locations around LA that are dear to their hearts. If I remember correctly this was the location of their first date.

Since then I have shot numerous projects for their landscape and lighting design business. The following image was of a home in Venice. John designed the fire and water features in addition to the landscaping.

Now that they are in the process of selling their home I contacted their listing agent to discuss the details of using the image from 2006. I showed her recent examples of my architectural photography and a few hours later I was shooting the entire house.


Commercial Architectural Photography

A few weeks ago I shot another project for About:Space. This project was a redesign of the main lobby and waiting area of the Parq@5 apartments in Downey.


New Construction Modern Home in Mar Vista

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot a new construction architectural home in Mar Vista. It has four bedrooms, 4.5 baths and ocean views. To view more check out