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I’m not a travel photographer

We just got back from a week long trip to Cancun. Although I love to travel and I love shooting new locations, a travel photographer I am not.  I look at and admire travel photographs; I love seeing the ordinary made beautiful by focusing on color, shapes and details. I just don’t see like that. I pick up a camera and look at the shelves full of Mexican “souvenirs” and I don’t see anything worth shooting. When I do take the shot I typically think they are boring and/or cliche.

I typically photograph people and architecture (and my fam). When I look back at the travel photos I’ve taken they inevitably have people in the shot or a building I found interesting. While reviewing the shots I took in Cancun and I noticed that I shot with my iPhone more than my 5D and you’ll only find a handful of scenic photos, the following being the only one I like and it was shot with my iPhone.

Cancun - Moon Palace

There’s a handful of travel photos that I’ve shot over the years that I like. When I was digging for photos to use I noticed that a lot of my travel shots have a sense of a story line. At least they do to me. The following was shot in Tokyo. Want to walk around with a camera and have a great time? Tokyo is the place.

The following shot was taken on a trip to New York. There’s a lot of things I don’t like about it. I hate that I used a fish-eye lens and I’m not a fan of how “hot” the red is. What keeps me coming back to this photo is the guy in the window.  If you’ve never been to the Empire State Building, it’s basically a series of long-ass lines you have to wait in before you get to the top. This was the last line we had to wait in before going to the top. I just happened to shove my camera out an open window and rest it on the sill.

Empire State Building NYC

Man looks out 86th floor window of Empire state Building