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Classic wedding photography will always be great

First off I have to wish my beautiful wife Happy Anniversary for six glorious years. Second a big thanks goes out to our wedding photographer Selima Ani. It feels a bit special that Selima doesn’t shoot weddings anymore, it’s like our wedding photos are limited editions. To this day I can look back at our wedding photos and know that it was money well spent and that we hired a great photographer.

What prompted me to start this post was my daughter Grace. We have three albums that have all the 4×6 proofs from our wedding.  She was flipping through the albums and got to a print and blurted out “this one is all blurry”. How do you explain to a four year old that the blur was on purpose and made with a gimmicky toy called a lens baby. Selima had a second photographer on our wedding day and he had a lens baby. Second photographers are in a great position, they are there to fill in the gaps and take advantage of not being in the stressful position of having to make the shot. They can take time and be creative and find interesting images that the main photographer might not have time to make.  This shot of Robin’s aunt fixing the bow on our flower girl’s dress in a great moment. Too bad it’s blurry. Or is it artsy?

I chose Selima after looking at my friend’s wedding proofs. She shot Josh and Jenica’s wedding on film and as I flipped through hundreds of proofs I could see consistency and great classic photography. As a photographer we all fall into gimmicky traps every once in a while. I can look at some of my early wedding photos and see cross processed and selective color. Gag. I feel embarrassed.  Maybe we eventually stop with the gimmicks once our skill level reaches a certain point or when we develop a style of our own. Remember wearing Z Cavaricci pants, acid wash jeans, parachute pants, rockin the collar up on your polo shirt? You know what all of those items do? They date the photos. I don’t want that stamp on my images and I’m glad Selima was strong enough to make classic photos that still stand six years later.