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Art in the Streets

After a failed attempt yesterday (The Geffen is closed on wednesdays) I made it to the Art in the streets exhibit. I typically use this blog to write about my photography but after the show today I wanted to share my thoughts.

Go see it.

It got me thinking about how incredibly creative some of these artists are; and that I still don’t know what “art” is. I know beauty when i see it. I know that some things move me and some don’t. Throughout the show I realized that art is such a personal thing that I really don’t have to worry about what’s art and what’s not.

I don’t typically consider my photographs as art, others do. For me to walk out the door with a camera with the goal of creating “art” is like me writing a grocery list with my left hand. I may make it to the store and decipher a few things on the list but most will be indecipherable. A comment I overheard today sums it up best. While we were in “neckface’s” installation looking at broken bottles, empty cigarette boxes and other trash a teenager asks his mom “Is this part of the artwork?”

GraceMy Daughter Grace
kid on an ipodkid on an ipod
determined to reach. Installation at MOCAdetermined to reach. Installation at MOCA
neckfaceneckface – “Is this part of the artwork?” – click for large version
lost dogs and cats - MOCA installationlost dogs and cats – MOCA installation – click for large version
Graffit collage  MOCAGraffit collage MOCA – click for large version