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I want you to have something you can touch

I currently have 585 photos on my iPhone. I love my iPhone. It’s an amazing tool to have in my pocket; so much so that it’s the camera I use the most when I’m not being paid by someone.  When it comes to dragging a seven pound chunk of metal to Grace’s ice skating lesson I’d rather just reach into my pocket and pull out my phone. If you think the quality isn’t up to par, the following photo was printed at 20×16.  I bring this up because, like me, the majority of my clients have hundreds of photos on their phones and in their digital library that they never do anything with. If you are like me, most of those images don’t see the light of day. Maybe a couple end up on a blog or on Facebook, some end up on Instagram but for the most part they are left in digital purgatory and after a few months the special moment you wanted to document is lost. I took it as we were heading out the door to have our family portraits shot.

Like most two year olds, Charlie doesn’t smile for the camera. He gets uncomfortable and goofy and often moves his eye-line away from the camera. This moment was special because both of my kids looked great…at the same time… and in the same photo.  I love seeing this every time I walk in the door. It’s a reminder and a keepsake.

Charlie & Grace – 16×20 Gallery Block – shot w iPhone 5


When it comes to hiring me to shoot your wedding, children, family portrait, fill in the blank; I want you to leave with something you can touch and cherish. This is a 16×24 Giclee canvas I recently made for a client.


16×24 giclee canvas


In 2011 I started using this image of Tutu  in my promo material. When Tutu’s mom saw the mounted 18×12 print she loved it. I asked her what she did with the CD of files she purchased from me; she confessed that she hadn’t made time to do anything with them.  Life is full; we all get busy….I want your experience with me to be easy and result in photos hung in your house that make you smile when you stop to look at them.


Tutu – Manhattan Beach 2010


I shot this (riveting) video to show the results of one of the hard cover press printed books I offer. This is the fourth book in a row I’ve made for this client and when I dropped this off she remarked how special they are and that  she loves having them to look back on.


By handing over a disc or a digital file I am handing you work. It means you have to make the prints, buy the frames, frame the prints, send Grandma a copy of the prints…..I don’t want your experience with me to be sullied by the stress of  added work after the shoot is over. This is the reason I offer the products and services that I do. I want you to enjoy your photos. Granted clients still want copies of their digital files which are available, but as a photographer I want you to have something you can touch.





Taking photos for the sake of making art

I don’t look as my photography as art. I never have and it takes effort to consider it as such.

Judo Air - Skate Demo - El Paso - circa 1987 - shot with Pentax K1000

circa 1987

I started off taking pictures of my skater friends during middle school. It was fun; I thought it was cool and my friends appreciated great shots of them skating.  My interest in photography waned until my job sitting all day behind a desk forced me to look somewhere for a creative release. I signed up for an intro-to-photography class through UCLA extension and renewed my interest.

During and after the photography class I shot a lot of photos of stuff; mostly street photography, a lot of architecture and the great majority of it was shot at night. I didn’t consider it art – it was just for fun. In my need for further release from the chains of the investment bank I took a week long trip to Paris and came back with 26 rolls of film and a new passion for photography.

The Louver - scanned from film - 2001

The Louvre - film scan -November 2001

A few weeks ago a friend and model posted a request on facebook asking for help from a photographer for an art project. She is building a portfolio to apply to art school and needed help translating the idea in her head. Her idea was a series of shots of her walking into the ocean at sunrise. After a couple emails and phone calls about the project I figured I could help her while still bringing my own creativity and experience to the table. My own goal with the project was to come away with enough coverage and the right frames to be able to tell a story. The following series is my result. (Be sure to click on the image and view the larger version.)

Malibu - 5-6AM March 19th 2010

Malibu - 5-6AM March 19th 2010

To make the shots work meant meeting at the beach at 4:45AM. We met at a beach in Malibu and trekked down to the water using flashlights. It reads better in the large version but you can see the stars in the first shot. It was the first shot of the day and I took it at 5:05AM. We shot for about an hour until I was cold and she was freezing.

Is it art? I’m still not sure. I just like to make photos and tell stories with them.