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Intimate Weddings

About a month ago I was referred to Craig and Lisa by my design client Josette. Craig and Lisa were having a small, intimate wedding at Wayfarer’s Chapel in PV and weren’t planning on having a professional photographer for their wedding because of the size. In total there was only about 40 guests. Little did they know that the smallest wedding I’d shot had only five guests. After an interview and a meeting they decided that it would be worth their while to have me out.

I enlisted the help of Christina to assist me with the wedding and the everything turned out great. Lisa was a bit worried about not being comfortable in front of the camera but both Craig and Lisa were naturals. They were so relaxed and having so much fun that they didn’t need my help or direction; I just needed to stand by and document their special day.


Manhattan Beach Remodel

When I worked as a financial analyst we were always reviewing and comparing financial statements and statistics of the companies we wrote research about. We often used the term apples-to-apples comparison. It means that if were are comparing two items they should be within the same parameters that they could be compared fairly. The same goes for “comps” in real estate; you wouldn’t compare the new home on the block that was just sold by a developer to the thirty year old bungalow that also recently sold.

Developers, architects, general contractors and designers often use before and after photography to show the transformation and improvements they have created. If the before photos are not well lit or at a level comparable to the after photos is it really a good comparison? The images could end up looking like the before and after images used on exercise and diet infomercials; lose some pounds, add a tan, some makeup, nice lighting and the transformation looks dramatic.

The following before pics don’t show the magnitude of the remodel, design and custom work that went into the project.

If your business is about showing dramatic transformation and improvements, the photography you use to show those results should be equally as impressive. The before and after photos seen here aren’t apples to apples, so why not invest in professional photography to accurately show your work both before and after.


Great Photography works for condos too

Once upon a time while I was still working at the investment bank I began to look into buying a house. Like a lot of people I spent part of my workday browsing the MLS and other websites looking for homes that were worth taking the time to go and see. If most people are conducting their search for a home in the same fashion, wouldn’t you want to make sure that the photos representing the listing are as inviting as possible?

A couple weeks ago I shot a condo listing for a new Real Estate Agent. We met during my presentation about Real Estate Photography at the Keller Williams Realty office in Hermosa Beach. This was the first time she had ever used a professional photographer to help market one of her listings.

In addition to my usual camera set-up for real estate photography, Canon 5D and 16-35mm lens, I took my Canon G9 which is a high-end point and shoot camera. I wanted to demonstrate not only the importance of using the right equipment for the job but to compare a professional image to one that was shot with a point and shoot camera.

The following shot was taken with my Canon 5D and lit with three flashes in addition to the sunlight behind the camera coming through the sliding glass doors.

The following shot was taken from the exact same position and lit with the on-camera flash plus the window light. Which home would you want to go visit?