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Luisa’s Wedding

After a long night with a teething baby it’s a challenge to wake up and get into wedding photographer mode. I woke up Sunday morning chastising myself for not making sure my bags were packed the night before and asking myself if I still remembered all the little lessons I’ve learned shooting weddings. Shooting a wedding isn’t like any other photo shoot. I’ve got to walk in the door already knowing what’s supposed to happen, what could happen, and how to deal with all the challenges involved with the day. There’s nothing like shooting a woman in big white dress next to a guy in a black tux in a church with no light and by the way the priest doesn’t want you to use flash.

On Sunday I had the honor of shooting Luisa’s wedding. For those of you who don’t know, Luisa is our nanny and we couldn’t lead the life we live nor could I do the work I do without her. She’s incredible.

Luisa and Eulalio have actually been married for years, but their first wedding was at a courthouse and they’ve always wanted to get married in a church. As a gift I shot their wedding.

The ceremony was a group ceremony with seven other couples getting married on the same day. To add to the challenge the mass was in Spanish and there was a couple staff photographers that were surprised to see me (the wedding couples were discouraged from bringing their own photographer – could you imagine 8 photographers for the same event?).

The wedding went great and everything I learned in my past weddings came back to me. Congratulations to Luisa and Eulalio and thanks for being such an important part of our lives.


Glamour Fashion

A few weeks ago I had Oxana in for a fashion inspired photo shoot. It was also the first time I had Frances and Maxine’s help with hair and makeup and have since had their help with three other shoots. They are both amazing.
I shot a similar version of this shot without Frances in the frame touching up Oxana’s hair but liked this one a bit more. It seems like a stolen moment and a tad more emotional.

Model: Oxana
Hair: Frances Fernandez
Makeup: Maxine Christians


Smoke & Mirrors

I like to try out new things. If I’m not booked on a job I am constantly trying to learn something new and experiment with my lighting and photography so that when a job comes around I have fresh ideas that have already been worked out and tested.
Most recently I hooked up with Dayne Oshiro for a shoot. I’ve know Dayne for a year but it was only in the past couple months that we began to discuss teaming up to combine his art-direction and construction skills with my camera and lighting ability. He called me a few months ago and said that he had access to a bunch of mirrors from a previous job and wondered if I had any ideas for a shoot. I made a little sketch and after some lighting tests and a couple different set-ups we were finally ready to shoot.

Model: Brittany
Hair: Frances Fernandez
Makeup: Maxine Christians


Tiffany Selby Swimsuit Shoot

Our model award of the day goes to Tiffany Selby. After about a year of schedules that wouldn’t line up we finally were able to get together for a shoot. As luck would have it we had beautiful southern California blue skies and freakishly strong winds. Being on the sand at 8:30 AM in a swimsuit is one thing; mix in a temp in the mid 50s and 10-15 mph winds and it tends to get cold quick. Knowing that we would only get a handful of shots before goosebumps made the photo shoot worthless I had her stay warm until the lights were set (yes I bring lights to a sunny day at the beach).

Tiffany is a pro and we actually managed to squeeze in two sets before we called it. We decided to come back to the studio to shoot more rather than put her in morning traffic to go home. We worked on portraits and more swimsuit looks. This was a stand-out beauty portrait. To see more of her work check out


Happy Birthday Grace

Happy Birthday Grace!!
On April 14, 2008 we welcomed our daughter Grace into our lives. It was and continues to be an amazing experience.
This was Grace on Day one:

And this was Grace on Easter Sunday:

The following is 2 minute slideshow of photos I’ve taken over the past year.

A year in the life of Grace from Chuck Espinoza on Vimeo.



We just got home from Robin’s aunt’s beach house in Pescadero, California. Sometimes the price you pay for no cell service or internet is worth it.
This was our view from the deck.