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I first met Kora in April of 2008. At the time she was about four months old. Since then I’ve been back to Burbank three times to shoot portraits of Kora and her family. A lot has changed and being able to see her growth is fun.

The following three shots are from our most recent shoot.


Sometimes I forget.

I typically use the blog to show a handful of results from my photo shoots and talk about what I am working on. What I sometimes forget to do is update my website. My site is often forgotten. That site showcase my work with children, families and weddings. I took a look the other day and realized that there were almost a year’s worth of weddings, family portraits, baby photos and children’s portraits that I hadn’t added to the site. For all those clients who wondered why they weren’t represented…my apologies. To see the updated version with a ton of new pics and a gallery devoted to Grace please check out


One of my goals for 2009 was to carry around a camera (every day) and take more photos. I want to shoot more artistic and less staged images to balance out the work I do with models. Although the goal has been hard to achieve I may have found a lens that will help. Last week I bought a 28mm F1.8 lens. Although it’s not a professional grade lens, it’s fast and best of all light-weight. With the quality of my other lenses comes added weight. My 50mm weighs 3 pounds, the new 28mm weighs 14 ounces. Not that technology or weight will help me take better pictures but I have yet to master getting pictures I want to show anyone from my iPhone. (unless you want to see 70 photos of my daughter)

This weekend we went to San Francisco to help celebrate some family birthdays. In addition to the tons of pics I shot of my family there were a few images that I captured that stood out. I can have endless amounts of fun if you were to drop me off in a strange town with a camera. Ask me to do the same around my neighborhood and it all feels boring. I guess perception is something else I need to work on in 09.

The first couple pictures were shot while taking BART from SFO into the city. It just dawned on me that they are incredible similar – angles, stairs, concrete with weird color balance and light.

To celebrate the birthdays we had a private room at Perbacco. The room had a great view overlooking the kitchen. (If anyone from Perbacco wants me to reshoot images of their restaurant please give me a call)

And of course a shot of my daughter and her dirty face looking out the window of the plane.