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Her shoes cost as much as mine.

Self Portrait with Grace


I shot this home late last year but didn’t make time to write about it. It’s a one bedroom ultra modern home on the Venice Beach Canals. If you like everything clean and in it’s place this two bedroom home is for you. And if you are looking for the fridge and freezer…they’re built into the cabinets.


With our impending move and a lot of admin stuff I needed to take care of I hadn’t been out to shoot in a while. Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with a model named Heidi and it felt great to go out and shoot.

When we moved to our current house 15 months ago I noticed that the light during sunset was shining directly through a train tunnel close to the house. I didn’t act on it then and when I went back to shoot during the Spring the light had changed with the seasons.

A few weeks ago I noticed the incredible light was back and I wanted to take advantage. The results were great. I wanted to experiment with using lens flare to add a little something to the images; it worked out although it was a delicate balance between it working and ruining the photo.