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Just when I thought I had shot my last wedding for 2008 I got a call to shoot another one. This one redefined the term intimate wedding. The festivities were held at the Hotel Bel Air. Because of the size of the wedding we had the opportunity to spend ample time together taking pictures before the ceremony.

A few weeks ago when I went to the hotel to meet with the wedding coordinator and scout the location I noticed a great tree-lined street on the way up to the hotel. I knew it would be a great place for a photo, I just needed to convince the bride and groom that jumping in the car and leaving the hotel on their wedding day would be a good idea. Oh, and did I mention I’ll need you to stand in the middle of the street? Vicki and Phil loved the idea.

After our outing we came back to the hotel and shot more wedding portraits before the ceremony and dinner with family.


Now that our Holiday cards are hitting mailboxes across the country I will share the image that made the back of our card. (Safe family portrait made the front.)

I tried. I’ve had this Santa costume since last summer and had all sorts of plans for inappropriate photo shoots that never materialized. When I came across the reindeer costume for Grace I knew what we would be for Halloween as well the great image I would create for our Christmas cards.

I set up the lights and camera so that I could trigger both with the remote seen in my hand. Rob ended up hating her elf costume and Grace didn’t think the reindeer costume was as cute as I did. As you can imagine the shoot didn’t go off as planned. When it came time to pick a photo for the card, Robin forbid the the use of an image with her dressed as an elf so I went with the above photo. It sums up the day. We didn’t even make it to the Halloween party we were dressed for.

Here’s another outtake:


With the Holidays approaching I have been shooting a lot of family and children’s portraits. Last weekend I made my way to West Hollywood to shoot Sophie and her mom and dad. Sophie is almost three months and still needs help holding her head up so we had a lot of help from mom and dad.

A few weeks prior I had my second of three shoots with Honoka and her older sister Myka. Myka wasn’t in the mood to be photographed that day so we tried bribing her. The first shot is the look of pure joy after she snagged the entire bag of gummie bears from her dad.

By the end of the shoot the novelty and sugar had worn off.


A few weeks ago I shot some children’s portraits for a friend. She had requested to get the images on CD so she could make birthday gifts for her Mom and husband. Last week I saw the album she put together using an online book publisher; I was pretty amazed at the quality. It was simple yet stood out as a great gift. Each page was printed full bleed at 14×12. The photos looked great and both her mom and husband loved the books.

With the coming Holiday season photography makes for a great gift.

I recently completed an album for Blake and Mary. Once again I can’t convey how important I think a wedding album is. 20 years from now, what will you have to remember all the work and love that you put into that one special day? I mention the album because GraphiStudio offers gift copies of your wedding album in sizes ranging from 4×5 to16x20.

The following are two-sided spreads from the album.


I’ve been to a lot of concerts but last night was definitely a top five. We went to see John Mayer at the Nokia Theater last night. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Adele was opening. She was amazing. It was just he, her piano player and guitarist.

By the dressing on the stage I figured it would be an acoustic type show for John but had no idea it would just be him in a chair with a drum machine and his guitar. Once again I was blown away by his talent and appreciative of all the stories and anecdotes he shared throughout the night.
(Images shot with a Canon G9)


While I was in Texas I caught part of the American Music Awards on TV. When Beyonce’s performance of “Single Ladies” came on I immediately recognized Heather. She’s the blond that dances with Beyonce. Heather and I shot a couple weeks before thanksgiving to get some new dance inspired images that her agent had requested. It’s the second time we’ve worked together and we came away with great results.