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Today marks the two year anniversary of my marriage to Robin. In additional to professing my love for my wife, I also want to throw a big shout-out to Selima Ani our wedding photographer. Like most married couples the results of our wedding photography is comprised of an album, a DVD, a framed copy of our wedding invite and a handful of framed images around the house.

This image of Robin and her bridesmaids is framed and sits on a shelf in our bedroom.

I see it everyday; and everyday I look at it and think it’s a great picture. The sad thing is that the digital version doesn’t do justice to the print. A photo that is flattering, beautiful and captures the spirit of the day is my goal when i shoot weddings. These two images show that Selima has the formula down. If you are in Chicago and don’t want to fly me out to shoot your wedding, feel free to email for Selima’s contact info.


I got a call yesterday for another random, can you be here in an hour, photo shoot. The call was from The Best Company Ever. They needed some help with a Maxim-esque photo shoot to illustrate a point – that mediocre sex will not help sell Saltines.
Read about it here.